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Enjoy 20 Features Of Power Saving Maintenance. Avoid The Loss Of Endurance Caused By Improper Maintenance.

20 Power Saving Maintenance Services
Serial NumberMaintenance ProgramMaintenance Function
1Tire Pressure InspectionPrevent Tire Pressure Insufficiency, High Riding Resistance, Power Consumption Running Not Far
2Front And Rear Brake CheckPrevent Braking And Power Consumption
3Oil Injection Inspection Of Front And Rear Wheel BearingsPrevent Bearing Damage, High Rotational Resistance And Power Consumption
4Brake Power Off Function CheckEnsure That The Brakes Are Cut Off And Avoid Power Loss
5Charging Port InspectionPrevent Ablation Or Loosening And Cause Undercharging
6Electric Leakage Inspection Of VehiclePreventing Leakage And Power Consumption Of Vehicles
7Charging Fuse InspectionPrevent Abnormal Charging Circuit And Cause Insufficient Charging
8Battery Cleanliness InspectionBattery Surface Clean, Terminals Firm, Prevent Contamination, Power Insufficiency
9Front And Rear Wheel Alignment InspectionPreventing The Deviation Of Front And Rear Wheels And Causing Power Consumption
10Battery Volume CheckMeasuring Full Voltage And Evaluating Normal Electricity
11Maintenance Of Battery Connecting LinePrevent Terminal Corrosion, Poor Contact, Insufficient Charging Or Insufficient Discharge
12Repair Of Friction DiscPrevent Unilateral Wear Of Friction Disc Or Bad Brake Reset, Resulting In Power Consumption
13Inspection And Repair Of Valve NozzlePrevent Aging And Leaking Of Valve Nozzle Rubber, Resulting In Insufficient Tire Pressure And High Riding Resistance
14Maintenance Of Front And Rear BearingsPrevent Bearing Wear Eccentricity, High Rotational Resistance, Resulting In Power Consumption
15Overhaul Of Disc Brake FluidPrevent Disc Brake Clamp From Being Unable To Reset Completely Due To Less Oil And Power Consumption By Braking.
16Charger IdentificationVerify That The Charger Is Functioning Properly, Otherwise It May Be Undercharged
17Motor Performance TestingConfirm Whether The Motor Efficiency Is Low And Prevent Excessive Power Consumption
18Motor Maintenance And RepairMaintenance Or Magnetization Of Magnet Steel To Prevent Motor Energy Consumption From Increasing And Running Not Far
19Repair Of Tyre PatternPreventing Tire Wear And Slippage And Causing Power Consumption
20Overhaul Of Vehicle CircuitPrevent Leakage Or Poor Contact, Resulting In Power Consumption


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